Author Coaching

Are you someone that has an amazing story to share & really hate the thought of working in a group or on your own?

Do you need accountability?

Would you prefer to work with someone one-to-one?

Do you resonate with the questions below?

  • Do you want to write a book & don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to write a book & don’t know how?
  • Do you have no idea on how to outline/structure your book?
  • Do you understand how to structure your book?
  • Do you understand how the flow of chapters work?
  • Do you understand how to balance a good story?
  • Do you know how to bring it all together?
  • Do you want to share your experience to help yourself & others but don’t know how?
  • Do you prefer to write your book by yourself in your own time?
  • Have you written bits & pieces & they are all over the place?
  • Have you got different pieces of writing that you don’t know how to pull together?
  • Do you keep putting your book writing to the side to do later?
  • Do you think your story is not good enough?
  • Do you give writing your book a low priority?
  • Do you want to write your book by yourself but need some guidance/training?

     The benefits of having an Author Coach

  • An author coach will show you the step-by-step process on how to write your book
  • Your author coach will show you how to outline, structure, & pull all the relevant pieces together to complete your book
  • Your author coach will show you how to start writing your book
  • Your author coach will show you how to pull all your writing together & complete your book ready to publish
  •    What you can expect in the Author Coaching Package

  • 12 x 1 to 1 sessions via phone, skype or face to face each fortnight
  • Create timeline
  • Discover who your target audience is
  • Create your sub-topics
  • Create sexy titles
  • Learn about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person
  • Which setting are you going to write in?
  • Flow of chapters
  • Which writing tool?
  • Discover what the 6 elements to a balanced story is
  • How to become a better writer
  • Writer’s block
  • Create Introduction, Foreword or Preface page/s
  • Create Acknowledgement and/or Dedications page/s
  • Images & quotes - are they applicable for your book?
  • Create your Author BIO
  • Create your book title and sub title
  • Create your backcover sales message
  • Create brief for your book cover
  • Create your next steps for your readers
  • Explore your Author image for your book

    Investment:  $3000 in full or 6 x $600 monthly payments
  • “I highly recommend Sue as an author coach, especially if you are someone that needs accountability, structure and would prefer to have that one to one attention. Sue gently guides you through her unique process to help you get your book written & published”.”

    Cecilia Czekanowicz

    Your Options

    Proofreading & Editing Package

    • Professionally proofread & edited up to 20,000 words (additional charges apply for books over 20,000 words)
    • Get a fresh pair of eyes looking over your work
    • Get an objective pair of eyes looking over your work
    • We make sure you are communicating your story effectively
    • We make sure your writing is free of grammatical & stylistic errors
    • We help with perfecting your writing

    Investment: $4000

    Publishing Package

    • Final proofread & edit up to 20,000 words
    • Design & layout of book – 1 round of corrections
    • Design & layout of book cover – 1 round of corrections
    • Allocation of ISBN & submission
    • Submission of book for publishing
    • Complimentary proof copy
    • Make any final changes to book – 1 round of corrections
    • Re-submit for final approval and print ready version
    • Worldwide book distribution
    • eBook formatting & distribution
    • Online book selling page (this is a dedicated page on Author Academy & Creative HQ Collective for book sales)
    • 3 Page author website & 1 year of web hosting (charges apply after 12 months for web hosting)
    • Book marketing (this is a dedicated author page on Amazon)
    • Standard book video
    • Sue Kennedy manages all print requirements for the life of the book


    Does not include images or book printing

    Additional charges: $250/hour

    Investment: $6995

    Proofreading & Editing Package for FREE!

    When you purchase both options alongside the Author Coaching Package you are eligible to receive a discount of $4000 which basically means you will receive the Proofreading & Editing Package for free!

    Are you ready to write your story?

     Why choose me?

    • As your author coach I will show you the step-by-step process on how to write your book
    • As your author coach I will give you personalised help to write & complete your book ready to publish
    • I not only help you write your book with my unique step-by-step process…I also offer to publish & market your book
    • Once published, you do not have to purchase 100’s or 1000’s of copies of your book that may sit in your spare room or garage collecting dust!
    • We are the only publishing house in Australia that helps you with the A to Z of writing your book to getting published & market it!

    As a author coach and publisher, I offer coaching and publishing solutions for all your needs. Whether you have an idea for a book or you want to complete a book you started. I have an extended team of book and design professionals ready to take you all the way past the finish line.

    My expertise is in helping authors get published, and my passion is in making sure the books they’re putting out into the world are nothing short of gold standard (across editorial, design, and production).

    With coaching, I’m interested in helping writers achieve their goals—and enjoy the process along the way. Sometimes we can be so focused on the end goal that we get to the end only to look back and wonder what it might have been like to have dropped down into the journey just a little bit. In consulting, I bring my years of publishing expertise to help you get exactly what you want—an agent, a publisher, a completed book.

    There are lots of ways to get there, and I don’t believe in giving up. My job will be to support you and devise strategies to propel you forward and help you access your untapped, forgotten, or ignored passions and energies that will get you moving, no matter if you’re completely stuck or charging ahead at a zillion-miles an hour toward a hard deadline.

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