Author Academy 'How to Get Interviewed on Podcasts' Course 

How to Get Interviewed on Podcasts & Get More Visibility, Leads, & Sales by Becoming a Podcast Guest Speaker.   

Why This Course is for YOU...

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    A unique step-by-step process
     A 9-step process of tutorials straight to your inbox that will show how to get interviewed on podcasts
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    Discover how to get more visibility, leads & sales
    Learn how to get interviewed on podcasts for author success!
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     Our point of difference
    This course was created from personal experience with many years of research & training. As I unpacked my journey I realised that it was time to share my success and guide others through a step by step process on how to get interviewed on podcasts And become the authority in their genre. 

 What You'll Get In This Course

This Course has 9 Lessons & you get instant access to all the content. You get lifetime access to the Course. 

Each lesson you will receive a video tutorial, Action worksheets, & PDF of the slides for download.

Support is available if you have any questions.

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Once your interview is released, you’ll want to ensure the widest publicity coverage possible to attract listeners and turn them into leads.

In this module, you’ll pick the best ways to use social media to get the message out and figure out how to capitalise on your podcast interviews long after the initial broadcast has taken place.

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“I totally enjoyed this course. The facilitator presented as confident, experienced & well acquainted with the content. It helped me realise the importance of podcasts.”


“I highly recommend this course for anyone who is written their book and need help in promoting it to make more sales via podcasting."


“I truly encourage anyone that has written a book and not sure of what the next step is. Sue does an amazing job.”


“This course was totally not what I was expecting, I thought we would do text book exercises on how to promote our book. I was pleasantly surprised, it actually focused more on the core of what you need to do. Absolutely recommend this to anyone thinking about promoting their book.”


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