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We all have a point in our writing day where we feel the heavy weight of writer's block crushing our muse. We all have moments where we want to write but can't because nothing comes to mind. The solution:  A writer's block challenge that will help you break through whatever is stopping you from writing your masterpiece!

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                               About Sue Kennedy

Hi I’m Sue Kennedy, welcome to Author Academy and Sue Kennedy Publishing, your online sanctuary to heal your wounded story through the written word. I am the CEO and founder of Author Academy and Sue Kennedy Publishing, a place where your healing journey begins.

The author academy was born because of the significant life experience that changed my life forever...I found myself at rock bottom ready to end my life...

Through events that happened at school and home that made me feel that I was not good enough. A teacher that said I would never amount to anything; and an abusive and alcoholic father that almost killed me one fateful night.

Luckily there was still a part of me that had enough strength to hold onto the belief that I was good enough, a part that did not allow the complete destruction of my soul.

From that belief, I have written and published 7 books, my latest being a number one best seller.

As I unpacked my journey I realised that it was time to share my success and guide others through a step by step process to find their soul language that illuminates their path and lights the way for others by sharing their story through the written word.

The Author Academy and Sue Kennedy Publishing...Write.Edit.Publish.Profit. Was born

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