Are you someone that has written a story?

Are you unsure of the next steps?

Has your book been rejected by a publisher/publishing company?

Congratulations on completing your book! It’s now time for the next step on your writing journey…Getting it Published!

I invite you to read my story and see how amazing it was to become a published author. This is exactly what we want you to experience here at the Author Academy.

After writing my first book, I was so excited and proud all at the same time. It was an absolutely huge achievement, the biggest in my life to date.

The next step was to get it published…OK, so how was I going to do that when I had no clue as to what the first step was to even consider accomplishing this…But I knew I had to do it, I wanted to share my story so that I could help others….AND I wanted to see my long hours of research, all that writing, the hard yards it took me to complete my book…it was time to see my name on the front cover of that book!

When I received my book in the mail it was the happiest and most proud moment of my life and I still have the same feelings each time I publish for my beloveds, I feel like a mother proud of their child’s biggest accomplishment, it happens each time…I cry and love seeing the look on their faces. I cherish each and every one of these moments, it warms my heart.

This is why I decided to create my own publishing house (Sue Kennedy Publishing), to be able to share these special moments with all my published authors. I knew this was a way I could add value and make it a reality for my beloveds to be able to share their story with the world.

Why choose us?

  • Our mission is to maximise the value for our authors with book publishing and marketing
  • You own 100% of the copyright to your book/s
  • We are committed to our authors and do whatever is necessary to provide outstanding               service regardless of the complexity of your book
  • We offer global distribution
  • We offer professional proofreading and editing
  • There is no minimum or maximum ordering of your book/s
  • Your books are published and printed by us here in Australia

  • At the Author Academy, we have taken all our experiences and training over the years and developed our publishing house 'Sue Kennedy Publishing' so that we could provide a service not only locally but globally as well for all aspiring authors.

    At the Author Academy, we are passionate about helping people publish their amazing stories so that it can be an inspiration to those that read your book.

    The benefits of publishing your book

    • Become the thought leader in your area of expertise
    • Gain credibility
    • Share your story with others that can benefit from your experiences

    “I had no idea how I was going to publish my book. Then I heard about Sue and her team at Author Academy, they are very professional & easy to work with. My dream of becoming a published author has come true. Thank you so much”

    Joanne Knibbs

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