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I can’t thank Sue enough for her encouragement.

Thank you hardly seems a big enough word for Sue. The story Locked Out had to be told. I came to Sue after some very harrowing experiences with publishers and editors and was in no shape to try again. Sue gently walked me back along the path of courage through the doorway to publishing to believe I still had it in me to tell the story and now, Locked Out is in print. Without you Sue, Locked Out was almost Locked Away forever. Gratitude in infinite doses, not just from me, but from the people in Locked Out who you have given voice to.

Meredith Llewelyn

Our Values

  • Fun - To have fun while writing your book
  • Inspiration - Be the inspiration to your readers
  • Positivity - To inject positivity as a ripple effect in the world
  • Believe - YOU are good enough!  YOU can do this!
  • Action - Taking action leads you to your desired outcome