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How to Get Your Fans and Readers to Help You Sell Your Book Easily


How to Get Your Fans and Readers to Help You Sell Your Book Easily

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Do you want to multiply your marketing efforts so that you can see increased book sales with little to no effort on your part? The way to do this is by enlisting others to help you promote your book. Fans, followers, industry professionals, and others can leave reviews, give you feedback, and tell their network about the value you offer.

Create a “Launch Team”

Identify your biggest fans and followers and enlist them to help spread the word. Your “launch team” is like a street team of your most enthusiastic supporters. These are the people who reach out to you, leave feedback, and share your content on social media.

If you nurture your connections with these individuals, they’ll be the first to leave you book reviews and spread your social media posts. Identify these followers and build personal relationships with them.

Build an Online Community

Create a community on Facebook or an online forum based around your book’s topic. Don’t make it based around your book itself. Focus on the issues your audience faces or their shared interests so that you can cast your net wide.

Your community is a place where people can discuss and network. You can offer your book to members, but this isn’t a place for selling and promoting. Offer help and value. Keep your group members engaged. This will bring more people into the group and build buzz around your book.

You’ve taken time to write and publish your book, but it may not be bringing you the results you expected just yet. If this is the case, it’s time to take stock and check in on what’s happening with your book.

 Are you ready to get started?

Reach Out to Influencers

Identify people who are influential in your niche or industry. These are individuals who have a large following and whose audiences listen to what they say. They are highly active on social media and perhaps have their own platform such as a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel.

Reach out to these influencers with a copy of your book and an incentive to get them talking about it. One great way to promote through influencers is to have them interview you on their platform.

If an influencer says no, keep in touch with them and build the relationship anyway. Pay it forward or offer some other value to them. They may say ‘no’ now but ‘yes’ in the future.

Develop Relationships with Your Peers

Get to know other authors and interact with them. Join author websites or groups on social media. One particularly good group to get to know are book bloggers. Like influencers, you can also ask these individuals to interview you and cross promote their book as well. Search “best book bloggers” or similar in Google.

Tips on Getting Others to Promote Your Book

When reaching out to others to help sell your book, don’t be pushy. Identify the right people who will enjoy the unique value you offer, and the book will sell itself.

Be honest and transparent. It’s okay to offer incentives, but don’t bribe. Tell people honestly how you’d like them to help you.

Focus on helping others and offering value. Emphasise the benefits you offer others when you make your pitch. Focus on your audience, not on you.

Pay close attention to feedback. This will tell you whether your efforts are paying off or whether you need to change strategies.

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